Indoor Furniture

Complimenting our outdoor range, UMU also manufactures beautiful pieces to add elegance and style to your home interiors. Whether it’s a table, chairs, servers or accessories, we can manufacture the perfect piece just for you.

Outdoor Furniture

All our furniture comes with a 2 year guarantee and are highly resistant to adverse outdoor conditions, providing the wood is fed and cared for as required. Our furniture has withstood the harsh Zambian conditions with style for years!


As well as our furniture range, we design and manufacture a range of accessories for both indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s a wine table for use in the garden or an ottoman for resting your feet on, we create quality items to last a lifetime.


If you have a vision for a piece you simply cannot find anywhere else, we can create one-off pieces for you, guaranteeing only the best workmanship.


We offer all existing clients a renovation and reupholstery service of furniture and soft furnishings, should you require a new and fresh look.


Can’t decide? Linda is experienced in the art of organising your spaces and suggesting suitable solutions for your home.

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